Testimonial # 1

“Traci has a depth of knowledge of the permit processes in many municipalities which give her insight as to how to most quickly process the needs of her clients. Her understanding of town and village codes enables her to “think outside of the box” when finding solutions to her clients needs. These solutions often save her clients hundreds or thousands of dollars in wasted effort which ultimately pays for the cost of her services.

Besides her expertise in various areas of expediting and violations, she brings a high level of peacefulness and graciousness to clients during what is commonly a stressful situation. I highly recommend Traci for any and all expediting needs.”


Michael Morbillo, AIA,  LEED AP

ENSPIRE Design Group, PLLC

Architects – Planners – Interior Designers


Testimonial # 2

August, 2008


Thank you for all your help! At first we were apprehensive in hiring somebody to take care of all the permits and bringing our property out of violation. But once we met with you, you put our fears to rest and saved us thousands in unforeseen pitfalls, we highly recommend you!


Dr. Kramer,

Setauket, NY


Testimonial # 3


I am not sure where or how to begin with what you managed to do for my family. We became victim of a Suffolk County licensed contractor that ripped us off for over $200,000. He led us to believe that when he converted our 1 bedroom cottage to a 4 story colonial that all the proper permits were in place including the Board of Health. When we were left with a house with no heat, no siding, no windows and no water and over $20,000 in citations from the local municipalities, we realized something was very wrong. We even found out that all the permits were fraudulent as well. The D A’s office was contacted to only find out that we were I of 6 families that were victimized and before we could recoup any money back, the contractor died. Just when we gave up hope we found you! You cleared up all our violations, secured our permits and enabled us to see our house for what it was supposed to be, a home not a shell!

Ruth, Suffolk County