Research Services


With over 15 years experience in the permit acquisition field, Traci’s Permits iswell versed in the building codes and zoning regulations of Long Island.

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Permit Services


Traci’s Permits has worked with town and village officials from BrookhavenIslip, Smithtown and all the other towns of Suffolk County.

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And Much More


We can assist you in retrieving official deeds, Certificate of Existing Use, Certificate of Occupancies, Certificate of Compliance, Letters of Corrections and so much more.

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Mission Statement

better photo of traciTraci’s Permits is completely knowledgeable of codes and procedures to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary permits to complete your projects, saving you time,money and unnecessary aggravation.

We offer complete permit and drafting services for all of Suffolk County.  Legalizing all structures and responding to violations are just a few of our areas of expertise. Whether you need a one time permit or draft, or assistance in an ongoing project, we provide professional services at competitive prices. Contact us to get started on your project today!

Our Services

  • Building Permits

  • Violations Resolved

  • Zoning Representation at Hearings

  • Land Research

  • D.E.C./Board of Health

  • Rental Registry Permits

  • Legalization of Existing Structures

  • CO’s & Deeds

  • Pools/Retaining Walls

  • Accessory Apartment

  • Representation at Hearings